March 8, 2018

Enough with the Homework Already!

What do the words brogans, generalization, dialog, emphatic and encyclopedia all have in common? They are all words that have been on my 4th grader’s spelling test in the past month. What the heck are brogans anyway?

I cannot believe the breadth of knowledge that is taught in a single week, let alone the whole year, to my 4th grader. I’m talking multiplication, division, geometry and algebraic equations all in the same year! I can’t say that I’m happy about it; in fact, I’m actually overwhelmed by the amount of work that we do each night. Yes, you read it right I said “we”, my son and I are both doing homework each night. In addition to the 8 hours I spend at work each day, I come home and do 2 to 4 hours of homework every night.

Don’t let the homework board fool you. It may say Social Studies-WB page 54, Language Arts-Comprehension WS and Math-study 9x’s table, but what it actually means is Social Studies-WB page 54, Language Arts-Comprehension WS, Math-study 9x’s table, then study Language Arts red words (that your child doesn’t have), study for Spelling amp; Vocabulary test for Friday and for Science know all there is to know about the Earth rotating on it’s axis and revolving around the sun. Exhausting isn’t it?

As we speak (or should I say write) it’s 9:37 pm and my husband and son are still going over the Spelling and Vocabulary words for the first time. They are both frustrated and my son frequently cries and stalls along the way. Did I mention that he’s supposed to read a book tonight to keep up on his AR points? I don’t see a book in his book bag.

Let’s just say that my 9-year old is having a hard time being a 9-year old, and I’m tired, my husband’s tired and my dogs are hiding around the corner. Please ease up on the homework already, its past our bedtimes and nothing is sticking. I don’t care if my son knows what a brogan is, I just want to him to learn the fundamentals and enjoy being a 9-year old.

(Side Note: A brogan is a work boot, probably the old-time equivalent of Timberlands.)