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January 18, 2018

Free Your Children of Homework Stress

Some children take nearly twice or thrice as long to do their homework than other children would. This is a source of constant worry for their parents. Here are a few tips for such parents which will make them and their children stress free. The major problems faced by the children are-

  1. Lack of attention, both in school and at home.
  2. Another major problem that often goes unidentified is a students’s range of vision. A lot of times, students find it hard to grasp the lines while reading as they either skip a few lines or find it difficult to copy things off the board.
  3. This and other factors may make them anxious and thus, they lose track of their work.

If a student cant concentrate properly in the class, parents must make the effort to go through whatever was taught in the class again. However, this often prolongs the duration of studies for the students. Some thing that would normally take 45 minutes now stretches to nearly 1 or even 2 hours.

Vision problems can seriously impair a students attention span in the following ways:

  • As they find it difficult to replicate things, parents often find it hard to make sense of their work.
  • They tend to miss lines in between, which only complicates matters.
  • It gets worse when it comes to math assignments. Students often confuse minus and division signs, which creates a complete mess and leads to many mistakes.

Some students also develop anxiety while doing homewrok, and this is what happens eventually-

  • They are too scared to question the teacher in the class.
  • As parents cant comprehend their assignments, they tend to get angry, and this leads to an arguments, which can turn ugly sometimes.

Here is what we advise the parents to do

  1. Contact the teacher or other students to get copies of the work done in class.
  2. Request the teacher to ensure that the students has wriiten clearly and properly.
  3. You must sign your child’s assignment, so that the teacher knows that the student did it himself.
  4. Keep in constant touch with teacher so that if there are any problems that your child is facing, you are informed immediately.
  5. Consult an optometrist, just to make sure that your child is not having any problems with his eye sight. Even if your child has perfect 20/20 vision, a visit to the doctor cant hurt.