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May 8, 2017

Language Arts and Grammar Homework Help: Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe, or tell more about nouns. A noun is a person, place or thing. Here are some kinds of adjectives and ways to use them.

-Adjectives answer three questions about nouns:

What kind of? What color?

The green car drove away.

That is a tall building.

How many? How much?

I want three pieces of gum.

I need a large ice cream cone, please.

Which one?

These are my new shoes.

Would you pass methatplate?

-Adjectives that answer the question ‘which one’ about nouns are called demonstrative adjectives. They demonstrate, or show, which person, place or thing we are referring to. Demonstrative adjectives also tell if the noun is singular (one) or plural (more than one).

Singular demonstrative adjectives: this, that

Plural demonstrative adjectives: these, those

-Adjectives often come before the noun they describe. They are part of the subject phrase. Sometimes adjectives are used in the predicate and come after the verb. These are called predicate adjectives. Be careful not to mistake these adjectives for adverbs. Predicate adjectives usually come linking verbs. Linking verbs don’t show action. They are also called ‘being’ or passive verbs. Linking verbs include: is, are, was, were, smell, taste, sound, feel, look.

The door is open.

This car was new.

Those muffins smell delicious.

That music sounds lovely.

Those kittens feel soft.

The lake looks blue.

-Adjectives are either common or proper, just like nouns. Regular describing words are common adjectives. Proper adjectives are made from proper nouns and begin with a capital letter.

Noun- Adjective


America- American

-Comparative and Superlative adjectives show comparisons between nouns.

positive-comparative- superlative

big -bigger -biggest

tall- taller- tallest

Most comparative adjectives change by adding -er and most superlative adjectives have -est. If the adjective ends in a y, change it to -ier or -iest.

happy- happier- happiest

shiny- shinier- shiniest

Some adjectives are irregular. The whole word changes.

some- more- most

good- better- best