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February 23, 2017

Why Homework is BAD for the Human Race

Homework is bad because homework causes children to despise the subjects that are bogged down with the aforementioned evil. And due to this, they will continually put less and less effort into the subject, and when this reflects on their grades, the downward spiral will continue with the child losing hope even further. This child will then be failing out of classes, and this will obviously lead to an impoverished adult life.

Many people in such circumstances begin to abuse illegal drugs, and then get addicted. Drug bills will be very expensive, since the average gram of low-quality stock goes for about $20. Since the now-adults are wasting their incomes on drugs, they will have less to feed themselves,and invariably their families with. And so less unnecessary luxuries will be bought, because the family, and many others like it, will be spending all or most of their money on food and other necessities. After having their house foreclosed, they will be living on the streets, at the mercy of the nation’s welfare system.

Drawing a simple supply-and-demand curve shows us that as the average usable income of a household decreases, there will be that much less money spent. Less money spent is equivalent to less money circulated in our economy, which will lead to a downward cycle in our pseudo-laissez-faire economy as well. This additional strain on the taxpayers due to the afore-mentioned welfare will lead to their downfall as well. The government won’t be able to bear the brunt of this economical downfall, and will collapse. And this will be happening to many nations the world over. Civilization as we know it will slowly but surely disintegrate, and humans will begin fighting barbarically for simple things such as land and food.

Eventually, the human race will die out. All this because we were assigned homework.

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